Crank 2 has their list of the top Bad Asses of 2009 movies and Jason’s Chev in ‘Crank 2: High Voltage’ made the list.  Actually, if the list was about just bad ass actors, period, Jason would definitely be at the top of it for all his movie roles.

19. Chev Chelios, played by Jason Statham – Crank: High Voltage

“Who’s got my f–king strawberry tart?”

Statham’s second outing as Chev Chelios is vile, violent, sophomoric, insane, and kind of awesome at times. Never mind that someone took out Chelios’ heart, it’s going to take a lot more than that to stop him, and it doesn’t matter how many wannabe gangsters come out of the woodwork, he’s going to get his heart back no matter what it takes. At one point, Chelios is fighting a bad guy in a power plant, gets electrocuted and becomes a giant Godzilla-like monster. It may just happen in his head that way, but Chelios is such a killing machine, that that’s exactly the way all the bad guys in this movie probably see him.


The creators of the Crank movies gave an interview to and said that there will definitely have a third edition to the series and it will be in 3D.  The story is already written, but they won’t film for another year or so depending on when Jason has a break in his busy schedule.  The guys also mentioned wanting to do more editions to Crank even after 3D and if they do, they will still have Jason as its star.  I can’t imagine how much more Crank I can take after a 3D version of it.  They go so over-the-top with these storylines, but at least these guys are loyal to Jason.

An entertainment article on has a list of 2009 movies that didn’t quite break the box office when they were released in theaters, but warrant a blu-ray or dvd rental during the New Year’s holiday.  The writer said it would be easy to rent the hits, but if people are looking for something completely different, try ‘Crank 2:  High Voltage’ instead.

‘Crank: High Voltage’

British actor Jason Statham, whose character died at the end of the highly entertaining original “Crank” (2006), returns from the grave and goes on the run again thanks to a mechanical heart.

For some reason, the young fans who supported the first installment skipped the second one.

That’s too bad, since the follow-up is as over the top and in your face as the original.

Amy Smart and Dwight Yoakam return as the girlfriend and doctor of Statham’s adrenaline-addicted character. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, who created the original, directed and hired B-favorites such as the late David Carradine, Corey Haim and Bai Ling (“Southland Tales”) for cameo roles.

(R; available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  For me, at least for a moment, I was able to finally get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy myself.  Mr. Jayfan and I are spending the holidays alone this year without family and friends and it’s been wonderful!  We cooked lasagna, clam appetizers, garlic bread and Caesar salad together for Christmas dinner and that was as much fun as eating it.

Anyway, I found a piece in where they listed the Best of 2009: DVDs and ‘Crank 2: High Voltage’ made the list.  It was in alphabetical order so the film was actually first on the list!

“Crank 2 High Voltage”: Sadistic, tasteless hitman movie with Jason Statham also happens to be an inventive and witty chunk of radical style.

Jason’s popularity keeps growing and our boy has arrived!  Apple’s iTunes is now offering a Jason Statham Action Pack movie bundle with ‘Crank 2: High Voltage’, ‘Transporter 3’ and ‘The Bank Job’ films in both standard def and high def.  The first two weren’t necessarily my favorites, but ‘The Bank Job’ is definitely one of Jason’s best acting work in my opinion and worth the money.

Thanks to Tammy for sending me an interactive link on MySpace for your pleasure.  It’s the Crank movies’ official MySpace profile with a bunch of fun stuff. 

Also in the news, ‘Snatch’ is going to be released in Blu-ray on December 1st.  Some features include commentary by Guy Ritchie and his producer, a making-of featurette, deleted scenes, optional commentary and…most funny…Pikey subtitles.

Love this California DVD review of ‘Crank 2: High Voltage’!  These writers are definite Jason Statham fans.  It’s wonderful to read good things about our boy for a change.  Got your DVD yet?

“Crank 2: High Voltage”

VPJ: “Umm … didn’t that guy die in the first movie? Like, plummeting from a helicopter whilst having a massive neural shutdown? I’m almost sure I recall that…

“Well, taking a page from the old movie serials, this nascent action franchise once again stars bullet-headed British torpedo Jason Statham, escaping from clearly depicted certain death, as a guy who, this time, has a transplanted heart that needs regular electric shocks so he can stay alive and kick enough people in the face for things to turn out OK.But I kid a guy who could cheerfully head-butt me into next Tuesday.

“I like Statham – his charmingly uncouth thug action hero is most welcome in the pretty boy-strewn hallways of action Hollywood, and reviving him, however ludicrously, for another go ’round in this cheerily stupid series, well … why not, I guess.”

JE: “And now he’s BACK AND BETTER THAN EVAH! I think we can just both agree Statham is on a special list reserved for actors we’ll watch no matter what? I mean, I found myself watching a part of the original ‘Crank’ one night if only to see how he kicks the next guy in the face. Same goes with ‘The Transporter 2.’

“I also think it’s good we both have given up on the whole ‘he needs to pull some respectable flicks on his resume’ argument. Just like a bar after Statham walks through, this guy’s career is littered with ridiculous (and cheesy) action movies. He seems to embody some weird sort of macho-charisma-face-kicking magic that captivates guys like us. In fact they should make ‘macho-charisma- face-kicking magic’ a Vitamin Water flavor exclusively made for and marketed by Statham. And I would buy it.”

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