has their list of the top Bad Asses of 2009 movies and Jason’s Chev in ‘Crank 2: High Voltage’ made the list.  Actually, if the list was about just bad ass actors, period, Jason would definitely be at the top of it for all his movie roles.

19. Chev Chelios, played by Jason Statham – Crank: High Voltage

“Who’s got my f–king strawberry tart?”

Statham’s second outing as Chev Chelios is vile, violent, sophomoric, insane, and kind of awesome at times. Never mind that someone took out Chelios’ heart, it’s going to take a lot more than that to stop him, and it doesn’t matter how many wannabe gangsters come out of the woodwork, he’s going to get his heart back no matter what it takes. At one point, Chelios is fighting a bad guy in a power plant, gets electrocuted and becomes a giant Godzilla-like monster. It may just happen in his head that way, but Chelios is such a killing machine, that that’s exactly the way all the bad guys in this movie probably see him.