Thanks to Ines for sending me this link with a Sylvester Stallone interview about ‘The Expendables’.  Sheryl Main told us about the press day they had earlier this week so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from the movie set soon.  Sly mentioned Jason a couple of times.  Here’s what he said about our boy:

Sly:  It’s a film that has poignancy, but it’s not preachy.  It’s dark comedy.  It’s also taking the stereotypes that people think we are, like Jason, you know tough guys, and showing he has problems with women.  ‘Cause I can’t even relate to human beings anymore.  It was all these things that the audience can say, “I sort of identify with.”  So they are very, very tough in their world and extremely weak in the real one.

Yet, this is a romantic film, believe it or not.  Because it’s about this one woman in Latin America that represents this kind of innocence, and this passion, and this willingness to die for a cause.  And then you have Jason, betrayal, and how he recuperates from that.  So you need that.  This isn’t about muscles and bullets.

Q: How was it working with Jet Li and Jason Statham?

Sly:  At first it was like “Oh God,” ’cause we don’t get a chance to rehearse, and they all have a specific style.  But Jason, one of the reasons he wanted to do this was because he was going to go in a different direction. He was going to show the side of him that has been very guarded, the very vulnerable side.