The Expendables

Den Of Geek! and both reporting on sequels of ‘The Expendables’ franchise and ‘The Mechanic’ remake.  And FilmOFilia is saying that Jason is already cast to play the lead in the remake of ‘Heat’.  I care only because if Jason is in any movie, I’m a happy camper.  Counting down the days til the release of ‘The Expendables 2’ dvd.


Remember those trips Jason made to the doctor’s office and the bags of medication we saw him with before the filming of ‘The Expendables’?  Well, thanks to Dawn for  finding this article explaining all of that for us.  Of course, we’re less interested in the lawsuit and extremely relieved and grateful that Jason is healthy and well.  We knew something was up back then.  Now we know he had a growth in his throat and antibiotics in the bag.

Just a reminder that ‘The Expendables’ DVD and Blu-ray will be released tomorrow, Tuesday, November 23.  Of course, I’ll be working my ass off–extra work hours for the Thanksgiving holiday and probably won’t be able to pick up my copy until the weekend.  I try to avoid Black Friday too…remember…I hate to shop and that day is not my idea of fun.  But I’m so looking forward to getting this movie and watching it again even though I have to wait til next weekend *sniff*. has video of behind-the-scenes/making of ‘The Expendables’ which will probably be included on the dvd or blu-ray being released November 23rd.  I am so looking forward to getting this for my Jason collection.  We loved the movie and can’t wait to see it again, especially with the special features.

Thanks to hybridstaind for this Splash link to ‘Safe’ on-the-set pics during Jason’s New York City shoot.  It’s seems like every celebrity photo source has these pictures.  I can remember a day when I was hard pressed all the time to find anything about Jason, much less finding any pics.  I persevered with this Jason Statham fanblog for over three and a half years and wouldn’t you know it…my most busiest Jason year turned out to be my most busiest work year as well and there’s no sign of it letting up (with both).  But I’m so happy for Jason’s success and hope to keep going as long as he does.  We have a ton of wonderful Jason-related events coming up in the near future with news and possibly pics and I look forward to reporting it all for you.  ‘The Expendables’ dvd is going to be released on November 23rd and that will make for a great Thanksgiving this year.  ‘The Mechanic’ has been acquired by CBS Films (Viacom/MTV) and Jason is expected to do a buttload of publicity and promotional appearances for the film in the month of January since the film will be released on January 28th.  There’s lots to look forward to and I’m very excited!

Thanks a bunch to Dawn who gave me the heads up with her find from Facebook about the November 23rd DVD and Blu-ray releases of ‘The Expendables’!  I just mentioned the other night to Mr. Jayfan that I was looking forward to getting this.  The special features alone would be worth the buy…making of, deleted scenes and gag reel.  I was hoping Sly would have let Jason do the audio commentary with him, but the article says there’s more so maybe we’ll be surprised.

You could describe Jason with those two words, but the last poll asked you what you thought about ‘The Expendables’ and the majority of you said it was totally awesome!!!  I totally agreed and said the same.  The second most popular answer was that there wasn’t enough Jason in the film.  Considering all the millions of castmates Jason had (just kidding) in that film, I think he had pretty good face time.  Maybe he’ll get more in the sequel.

I’m still riding on ‘The Expendables’ high in my next poll and hoping most of you have seen the movie.  If not…sorry for the spoilers…and shame on you.

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