Thanks to ella for this link with tons of on-the-set pics from ‘Parker’!  Awesome find!  And another thanks to lienka for the heads up on a blog site with some photos from ‘Safe’.  I’ve seen two of them, but the first one of Jason is a new one.   I haven’t been able to find the trailer, but the site also had a ‘Safe’ movie poster.   Also have a ‘Blitz’ clip.  Click on the pics for a larger view.


Thanks to Sara for this New York Times overview of ‘Safe’ and for the heads up on a new pic from ‘The Killer Elite’.

On ‘Parker’…I found a site that says it will be filming in Baton Rouge August 5th through the 9th.  Also, the entire filming schedule will go on for seven weeks in New Orleans. (UPDATE:  Katefromua has let us know that a Twitter post has mentioned that filming in Baton Rouge has been cancelled or postponed.)

Remember that movie called ‘Safe’ Jason was filming in New York and Philadelphia at the end of last year?  I almost forgot about that one.  What a great feeling to know there’s another Jason movie to look forward to seeing soon!  Thanks to katefromua for emailing me a couple of stills from ‘Safe’!  Click on the pics for a larger view.

Thanks to kmj for this link with info about ‘Safe’ wrapping up filming.  Looks like Jason’s done for now and possibly headed home just in time for the Christmas holiday.  Don’t know where he’ll spend Christmas, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing him or hearing about him soon.  Then he’ll start gearing up for ‘The Mechanic’ promotional tour in January.  Can’t wait!

Film work

The action movie Safe will shoot a few scenes with Jason Statham at Parx Casino in Bensalem on Thursday. A few dealers and cocktail servers will be included. Parx is gearing up for a Dec. 22 launch of Parx East, its expansion. Friday will be Statham’s last day of filming, as the production hurtles toward its wrap next week.

Thanks to Sara who emailed me this info about where Jason will be for the ‘Safe’ filming in Philadelphia til tomorrow.  Looks like if you want a glimpse of Jason, you’ll have to be on foot and have telephoto lens on your camera.

Psst…. SAFE is filming on Broad St. in front of the Bellevue for the rest of the week!  If you go you can see that they changed the doors on the front of the building for filming.

A movie, titled “SAFE,” will be filming scenes in the neighborhood this week (through Saturday). There will be several NO PARKING zones, as well as some street closings due to the production crew filming car stunts, pyrotechnics and SIMULATED GUNFIRE.

No Parking:
West Side of 15th Street, b/w Walnut and Spruce
South side of Locust, b/w 15th & Broad
North side of Sansom, b/w Broad and 17th
South side of Walnut, b/w 13th & Broad
Both sides of Broad, b/w Sansom and Locust

Broad Street, b/w Sansom and Locust, 6:30 pm-6:30 am, Weds., Thursday and Friday


Bloomfield Estate has the scoops on where Jason will be filming ‘Safe’ in early December.  The shoot will be at the Bloomfield Estate in Villanova which is in the far southeast side of Pennsylvania.  Obviously, it’s a private estate that, no doubt, will be heavily blocked from public access.  But at least you know that Jason will be around that area at that time if you choose to catch a glimpse of him at a restaurant or hotel.  I think I found the real estate ad for Bloomfield.

Thanks to lienka for the heads up on pics at of Jason filming ‘Safe’ in Philadelphia on Halloween Sunday.  And thank you to katefromua for a article about that shoot and an injured stuntman.  Looks like there was no partying for Jason this past Halloween weekend…just work work work.  Although he did have a hefty dinner (a couple of steaks) with co-workers and friends Friday night.

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