Hi gang!  I spent Christmas in the hospital and the last two weeks recuperating so forgive me for being behind on Jason news and neglecting the sitel  I don’t want to go into detail except to say that I’m great now and all is well.  So guess the big news is that Jason will be a presenter on the Golden Globes this Sunday night.  I have the dvr set since I need to go back to work Monday morning after a long absence, and I don’t think I’ll be able to stay up that late.  Some of you have said this is probably his biggest event where he’s been a presenter…I totally agree.  I think he did Guys’ Choice Awards and GQ Awards, but this is by far the higher profile event and good promotion for ‘Parker’.

Also, looks like Jason and Rosie had a much better holiday than I did.  They went skiing and snowboarding in the French Alps!  That’s the life!