This crazy, crazy life of mine!  I thank you guys again for keeping us informed on what’s going on with Jason.  I haven’t had any free time lately to do the research myself so I really appreciate it.  So Jason’s about to make a film, ‘Homefront’ with Kate Bosworth and James Franco and it’s written by Sly?  Say what you will, but I kind of have a soft spot for Franco since I’m a General Hospital fan…he was the best soap villian ever.  I would love to see how J & J will do working together.  And since they’ll be filming that in New Orleans, we can hopefully count on Diana again to give us the scoops and possibly meet Jason again!  IMDB says that ‘Parker’ will be filming all over…Columbus, Ohio and Florida, but they’ll be in New Orleans as well.  You lucky girl, Diana!

Nice to see pics of Jason out and about yesterday in his Malibu neighborhood having lunch at a Greek restaurant called Taverna Tony.