It was cold and rainy yesterday, so Mr. Jayfan and I were thankful to spend a nice movie date indoors at the theater watching ‘Safe’.  You know I don’t do reviews or give spoilers…just getting to see Jason larger than life up on the big screen is always a joy.  I’d be a bit bias anyway since I love everything he does.  It was so great to see a practically full house yesterday supporting our guy’s work.  And the audience was a mixed bag of men and women, boys and girls of all ages despite the R rating…that surprised us.  Jason was his usual bad ass fighting/shooting machine, but it was also nice to see him flex his acting muscles as well.  I thought he had some good emotional scenes reminiscent of his work in ‘The Bank Job’.  Of course, I wanted more shirtless Jason, but there was enough closeups of his handsome face to satisfy me.

On a side note, my wonderful enabler hubby just happens to know the night manager of another movie theater (he’s a co-worker during the day) and the Mister surprised me this week with two ‘Safe’ movie posters of my very own!  What a guy, huh?