Hiya all!  I’m back and trying to catch up on stuff.  Thanks for entertaining yourselves…I appreciate all the updates.  It’s too much too late for me, but I guess I can try a bit.  Zimbio.com has pics of Jason and Rosie at LAX after New Year’s and one toothy pic of our guy at a Golden Globes after party.  ‘The Killer Elite’ is out on blu-ray and dvd….got my copy and have seen it.  It wasn’t all that bad as people said…wish it had more scenes between Jason and Yvonne…they were so good together in the film.  I thought that cover art sucked though (just my opinion).  Collider.com has the new ‘Safe’ movie poster.  I’m sure I’m missing more stuff, but it’s already taken me all I’ve got to finally post something.  Just wanted you guys to know that I’m still around so keep on doing what you’re doing.  You are stellar Jason fans and I’m sure he appreciates it!