Hiya everybody!  I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m still here.  Lots going on in my life…nothing bad…just generally busy busy busy.  We haven’t even been able to get out to see ‘The Killer Elite’.  Can you believe that?  I appreciate all the comments that help keep my site alive and hopping.  As far as I can tell, Jason is still filming ‘Parker’ with JLo.  Thanks to ella for the cute pic of Jenny with one of her kids and Jason!  This DailyMail.co.uk article from today claims that Rosie and Jason are still together.  Who knows?  I’m not sure when Jason is going to get a break soon.  I thought he was going to go straight from ‘Parker’ to ‘Expendables 2’.  Looks like he’ll be just as busy as I will be in the coming weeks.  Ha!