Thanks to sara for this link to good news about ‘The Expendables 2’ movie.  They have director Simon West of ‘Con Air’ and co-writer Ken Kaufman of ‘Space Cowboys’ on board for the sequel.  I absolutely loved ‘Con Air’ and have seen it a ton of times…every time it’s on tv.  I’m not even a big Nicholas Cage fan (just ask Mr. Jayfan), but West did a great directing job.  And ‘Space Cowboys’ was written well…loved the humor and heart of the storyline, so Kaufman would be great in combination with Sly’s shoot ’em up attitude of writing.  Shooting starts this summer so Jason’s break will be over soon.  As the article noted, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more details in the near future.  Lionsgate has also given an August 17, 2012 release date.  Can’t wait!