So according to sources like, the commercial for ‘The Mechanic’ has been banned in Britain for being too violent for children to see.  Apparently, the ad aired on Glee one night and parents freaked out.  I’m not ashamed to say that I watch Glee and it’s not a kid’s show.  Most of the story lines in the show are of adult content…mostly sexual.  I understand that sex isn’t as big a deal in European television as violence, but Glee does air at night.  It’s not like ‘The Mechanic’ commercial aired during morning cartoons.  And aren’t faces blown away more in some video games these same kids play everyday?  Just my opinion.

In other Jason news…I noticed in comments that the subject of Jason’s Hollywood house being on sale is a hot topic.  Thanks to all of you for linking all those awesome articles and video about it.  Here’s the Statham Fan Gallery link to the Men’s Health piece where we see Jason in this home.