Lately, we’ve been seeing Jason enjoying his down time.  All we get in the news are the reviews for ‘The Mechanic’ which have been mixed, and pap pics of Jason and Rosie out and about together in L.A.  They seem to be joined at the hip.  We never seen Jason out by himself anymore.  I understand that their romance is in its early stages and as time goes on, the newness will wear off and we’ll see if they are truly compatible.  I miss seeing Jason lunching at Urth Cafe or Cafe Med during the day and hanging out with his guy friends every once in a while.  I bet he misses it too.  Ha!  Here’s a pic of Jason and Rosie getting picked up by a driver at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont the other night.  Ahhh…look at the happy couple!  Doh!