According to this Hollywood Reporter article, Jason is one of the few celebrities of today who can guarantee sales at the box office.  You’ve come a long way baby!  I’m so proud of Jason and have waited so long to see him come into his own and become the success he was always meant to be.  It helps that he has the talent, the looks, the great managerial backing and the smarts to make the right decisions and choices about the projects he picks.  When I first started this blog four years ago Jason was filming ‘The Bank Job’ and there was speculation about a ‘Crank 2’.  I was hard pressed then to find any news or pics of him on the net.  Now he’s everywhere and has movies being released left and right and future jobs lined up the wazoo.  Looks like I’ll be enjoying this little hobby of mine and talking about Jason for a long time.  I’m glad you get to share the ride with me!