Thanks to Sara who emailed me this info about where Jason will be for the ‘Safe’ filming in Philadelphia til tomorrow.  Looks like if you want a glimpse of Jason, you’ll have to be on foot and have telephoto lens on your camera.

Psst…. SAFE is filming on Broad St. in front of the Bellevue for the rest of the week!  If you go you can see that they changed the doors on the front of the building for filming.

A movie, titled “SAFE,” will be filming scenes in the neighborhood this week (through Saturday). There will be several NO PARKING zones, as well as some street closings due to the production crew filming car stunts, pyrotechnics and SIMULATED GUNFIRE.

No Parking:
West Side of 15th Street, b/w Walnut and Spruce
South side of Locust, b/w 15th & Broad
North side of Sansom, b/w Broad and 17th
South side of Walnut, b/w 13th & Broad
Both sides of Broad, b/w Sansom and Locust

Broad Street, b/w Sansom and Locust, 6:30 pm-6:30 am, Weds., Thursday and Friday