There are several reports such as this and piece about Jason hitting on Kristen Stewart at an L.A. bar and her boyfriend Rob getting all up in his face and almost causing a brawl.  The story sounds kind of suspect to me.  There isn’t any photographic proof of this, the timeline doesn’t jive and we haven’t heard Jason’s side of the story or know of his whereabouts on Friday night.  Some accounts have said that Kristen and Robert were already in Brazil on Friday night.  I thought Jason was still in Philadelphia filming ‘Safe’.  If he was there talking to Kristen, maybe it was just an innocent conversation like “….Loved your work in the Twilight films–just wanted to meet you.”  Maybe it was a just a misunderstanding.  Who knows?  It’s silly.  There are reports right now that Food Network’s Giada and John Mayer are having an affair and they’ve both dispelled those rumors in the press.  I guess until Jason, Kristen or Rob say anything about ‘this incident’ publicly…we’ll never know the truth.  So I’m just going to chill until then.