The has more pics of Jason and Rosie shopping after he finished shooting scenes for his new project ‘Safe’.  I’m not big on shopping.  I just like to get what I need fast and furious…get in and get out.  But Mr. Jayfan loves to browse and shop so he and Jason have that in common.  I have to call my husband on my cell in a store sometimes because I can’t find him.  Of course, I’m always done before he is and ready to check out and get out.  I’m sure for girls like Rosie who love to shop, guys like my hubby and her boyfriend, Jason, are a godsend.  And the Mister says he would volunteer to go shopping with Rosie anytime and even hold her purse while she tries on stuff.  Funny funny guy.  Wait a minute…meaning that he’d stick with her while shopping?  Hmmm, she won’t have to call him on her cell to look for him.