Thanks to lienka for this link to an amusing article where Jason says he wouldn’t mind being James Bond if asked.  Looking at past comments, you guys seemed to have mixed emotions about this.  The Bond character doesn’t seem to be too far from Jason’s Frank in the Transporter series.  I think the only difference might be that 007 is much more promiscuous…which I would love to see Jason be in movies.  He doesn’t get nearly enough love scenes as it is.  I have to confess that I haven’t been a big Bond fan in recent years and haven’t seen the movies.  I liked Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton (believe it or not).  Roger Moore never did it for me and by the time David Craig came along, I had lost interest.  If Jason were cast as Bond, it would definitely renew my interest and I’d go to see it at the theater.  Hey…we already know that he already looks great in a tux!