Okay guys…we finally got to see ‘The Expendables’ at the theater and I loved it!  I’m into that old school, blow-em-up, Sylvester Stallone signature type flicks anyway so I knew it was going to be all that it was.  I can’t talk about the movie without Jason spoilers so if you haven’t seen it yet, you might not want to continue reading this post.  Jason was so great in this film.  When he said he was finally human…he wasn’t kidding.  He lit up the big screen with his smile so much during this movie, I could barely contain myself.  He even gave us that wide, gummy smile once that is my favorite.  He had some great scenes with Charisma and fabulous fight scenes–both in battle and not.  I just realized that he didn’t have any shirtless scenes, which would have been great, but not in character.  And I didn’t even miss that.  Lee Christmas seemed a little more conservative.  He wasn’t a showoff and didn’t need to flaunt his muscles to show he was tough.  I liked Lee a lot and Jason played him perfectly.  The chemistry between Jason and Sly was good too.  It was believable that they were good friends and I bet they had a good time working together.  I hope for more movies in the future for Jason where he can act human and be a fun, nice, but tough guy.