I’ve received an email from Kerry in Melbourne who has some juicy scoops for us.  She says there is one film studio located in Melbourne’s ‘Docklands’.  It’s called Melbourne Central City Studios and this is the link here.   Also she says that Jason was at the movie launch party last weekend at a chic restaurant named ‘Riva’ and here’s the photo of him and Steve from Newsphotos.com.au.

Here are more details from Kelly’s email.  She said she’ll be sure to let us know if she hears anything more.  Thanks a million, Kelly…you’re the best!

One of our local socialite/radio DJs claims to have spoken to Jason and Clive at the party and they were both very interested in the names of some top restaurants in the city.

Meike is a tall girl and she remarked at how tiny Jason was, she didn’t expect that.

Filming locations are rumoured to include city laneways and parts of regional Victoria.  Media hype on this has been really quiet so far, I’d reckon the boys could freely move around town incognito with minimal security.  Generally any Hollywood actors would stay at the hotel at Crown Towers which is part of our casino complex.  Robert DeNiro has a Nobu restaurant there at Crown Casino so if there’s to be any pap photos snapped I’m sure they’d be staking out that precinct.