Over three years ago I needed a hobby.  As you old-timers know, I stopped doing jigsaw puzzles because the pets would mess it up and eat the pieces.  Then I attempted gel candle making.  What a mess I made in the kitchen!  So I turned to blogging.  If you noticed by the header–which, you have to admit is pretty amateurish–I’m just another Jason Statham fangirl.  Why I ever thought it would be a good idea to name that and devote most of this site to him is beyond me.  I’m a happily married woman so I have no designs or desire to hook up with Jason.  I enjoy his movies and like the way he looks.  I’m not blindly devoted to the guy–I save that for my wonderful husband.  I have another blog for Adrien Brody.  I also like James McAvoy, Gerard Butler, Mark Ruffalo and many other hot actors.  I know they’re all human and flawed as we all are.  But the fun part sometimes is suspending that reality and enjoying their celebrity.

I’ve always said that you can say what you want here, that your opinion is welcome.  Last time I looked, this was a free country.  However you know I don’t condone terroristic, abusive or inconsiderate comments.  I have family and friends who come here too.  Please don’t use my blog for your therapy or take your personal frustrations out on me.  If your agenda is not total fun and silliness then this might not be for you.

I’ve been fortunate to have had the time and the will to keep up this blogging hobby.  Things go on in all of our lives that make us sad, mad, depressed, hurt and just basically feeling low…I’m not immune to the dark side as well.  But I try not to bring it over here because I come here to have fun and forget the bad stuff for a brief moment of time.  That’s what a hobby does…makes you feel good.  Let’s get the bus back and go for the ride of our lives!  Make sure it’s waterproof since we have a long ways to go underwater to Australia.  Ha!