A MovieLine.com writer ran out of stuff to write about, so he decided to make fun of Jason’s character’s names over the years.  He may think they’re ridiculous, but I think Jason pulls it off and makes the names given to him believable as his own.  Jason didn’t make up the names himself…they were roles he chose so it’s not his fault.  I found it amusing that the writer could only list nine and not an even ten.  He forgot Farmer or the Sylvester Stallone concoction Lee Christmas.  Granted, ‘The Expendables’ hasn’t been released yet, but IMDB lists it and we all commented about how unusual that character name was.

And thanks to both lienka and dawn26 for the heads up on a new Jason pic showing him back in L.A. this past weekend.  He was leaving the Chateau Marmont after spending the evening there.  Dawn also speculated that perhaps he was partying with his pals Mr. Big and family.  Their blog also mentions that Vinnie Jones had a BBQ at his house so maybe Jason was there too.