Jason’s name is mentioned around internet news, but it’s really nothing new.  MoviesOnline.com has ‘The Expendables’ trailer again claiming that it’s new.  It looked like the same one we’ve seen before, unless Sly tweeked it a little bit and the changes are really subtle.

Geeks.co.uk talks about hype surrounding ‘The Mechanic’ and they have the trailer we’ve seen.  They don’t have a release date for the U.K., but we’ll see it out here in the states on December 15th according to IMDB.

And finally, MTV.com says that Warner Brothers has the rights to the ‘Spy Hunter’ movie.  It speculates that they might try to get The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) to be its star, but the MTV writer thinks Jason would be excellent for the part.  I’m personally not too keen on movies from video games.  It all depends on the storyline…if there is one.