Thanks to Ann for sending me this link to the 100 British celebrities who really matter!  Jason made a respectable number 70 on the list.  She tells me that Vinnie Jones was ranked 99.


The thinking man’s Vinnie Jones – a big, bald, bad villainous actor with real screen presence. Statham has made the most of his chances to carve out a very lucrative niche for himself in Hollywood. This year he stars in Sly Stallone’s new blockbuster The Expendables, alongside the great man himself, as well as other action legends including Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The final validation that he’s now part of the official Big Boys’ Club. I’ve never met Statham, so have no idea what he’s like in person. But in movie terms, he’s moved from ‘lukewarm’ to ‘warm’ in the last year, and the temperature can only get hotter.

Age 37 Born London

Education Great Yarmouth Grammar School

Homes London; Los Angeles