There are reports again about Jason and Kelly Brook trying to avoid each other at the Hollywood Domino Gala the other night.  Some of you have added to comments or emailed the links to me.  I’ve chosen to chock them up to mere rumors and not post them.  One account says he took Alex with him.  I don’t believe he did since she wasn’t with him in the pics on the red carpet and we haven’t seen him with her in the many recent pap pics.  He doesn’t have a problem being pictured with Alex so why would he start now?  So how reliable is that account?  Also, we heard that Jason and Kelly met for a nice, friendly dining experience in London earlier this year.  Apparently they’re still friends and get along.  I don’t understand why this is news and why we should care?  They broke up seven years ago.  Wish the media would get over it.  That’s all I have to say about that.