Thanks to Dawn for this Jason mention in Mr. Big’s Blog from the February 18th entry.  Bentley is a Great Dane owned by Clare Staples who is the actual webmistress of the blog and ex-girlfriend/now business manager for world reknown hypnotist Paul McKenna.  If you recall last fourth of July, they were invited to Jason’s Malibu party and I posted that entry back then.  Obviously, Jason knew Bentley’s name and they were familiar with eachother, so he was able to distract the huge pooch from his owner at the Palihouse Restaurant.  Clare said that the incident happened on Sunday, February 14th so we now know a little about what Jason did on Valentine’s Day.  Too bad she didn’t mention who he was with.

Sunday was lunch at The Palihouse and they actually took Bentley along to see how he would do sitting in a restaurant which must have been hilarious. It actually went very well until Jason Statham called him over to his table to say hello and he nearly dragged Clare after him like a water skier through all the tables!!!!! That dog is strong now!!!