A thank you to jlm is in order for giving us this photo link of Jason leaving the back way of a London hotel on February 3rd!  It appears that Jason is in London.  According to this Mirror.co.uk, Kelly Brook and Jason were having a friendly lunch at the Soho Hotel.  I think it’s nice that they have remained friends and can share a laugh and a meal together.

In other news, various reports, including one from the Express.co.uk say that Kate Beckinsale has signed on to play Princess Margaret in a film about her affair with gangster John Bindon.  There’s speculation that Jason could make a great Bindon which would be ironic since he starred in ‘The Bank Job’ which was about robbers trying to retrieve those compromising pics of the Princess and her beau.

And thanks to katefromua for the heads up on this IMDB entry under Jason’s filmography of a new movie he may be doing that we didn’t know about called ‘The Job’.  It may just be a rumor…entries in IMDB are sometimes bogus, but only time will tell if it’s true, I guess.