Thanks to Mr. Jayfan for finding this link while he was in the Stumble Upon site looking up Jason stuff for me.  It lists their celebrity men who have put a dent in men’s fashions and have the most iconic style in the last century…and our boy made the list!  I uploaded my own picture because it looks like the article photoshopped theirs to make Jason completely bald.  I guess they thought it added to this blurb they had.

This former diver-turned-actor has proved to bald men everywhere that it if you are losing hair, there is still hope: you just have to get in really good shape, acquire a street-smart Londoner accent, and kick a lot of ass. But in all seriousness, Statham has been able to earn major roles even though he shares few characteristics with the stereotypical Hollywood leading man. He also tends to carry himself in a confident way that never looks bad. He is probably the most unassuming inclusion in this list, but deserves mention nonetheless.