A list of Sundance Film Festival judges on DaemonsMovies.com has a movie producer named Sigurjon “Joni” Sighvatsson and his brief bio claims that he’s currently preparing ‘The Featherman’ with Jason.  I looked up that title and it doesn’t exist in IMDB, but this New York Mag article (source Variety) from May 2009 mentioned that ‘The Killer Elite’ is the name change from the original book title of ‘The Feathermen’.  It seems we have another Jason movie soon where we can hear about and hopefully see him shooting.  Reports have indicated that ‘The Killer Elite’ will film in London, Paris and Australia.

Killer Feathermen: Jason Statham will star in the action thriller The Killer Elite, an adaptation of Ranulph Fiennes’s The Feathermen. Statham plays a retired Navy seal that comes back into the field to save his best friend, a member of a British special-forces team being hunted by assassins. Good news: The deal just closed, meaning there’s plenty of time before production starts to change the name back to the wildly-more-appropriate The Feathermen. [Variety] 5/15/09