has their list of the Best Action Flicks of the decade.  Our Jason made the list twice…once for Best in Excess for the first ‘Crank’ movie and honorable mention for Best One-Man Army in ‘The Transporter’.  I don’t think anyone could have a best of action films list for the last 10 years without including Jason’s efforts.

Best in Excess: When I previously praised 2006’s Crank for being a sublime piece of trashy, amoral fun, a commenter asked, “how does a critic decide that a dumbass action movie with no plot or depth is good in one instance and stupid in another?” It’s a fair question, one I still don’t have an answer for. I do know that action auteurs Neveldine/Taylor have not yet managed to be more perversely creative, nor has star Jason Statham been more endearingly deadpan. I cared less for its 2009 sequel because it was more focused on the shock instead of the thrill, and I still feel its predecessor delivered those in screwy spades.

Best One-Man Army: It’s a good thing I already gave it up for the Stath, since 2002’s The Transporter has been bumped to Honorable Mention here in favor of this year’s Taken,