A writer for MoviesInsidePulse.com, who says he’s just a pudgy writer with no athletic ability, has a piece about Uwe Boll’s new movie based on a video game.  We know that there’s no way Jason would ever make a movie with Uwe again, but the author of this article got goofy and wrote his own dream list of video games he thinks Mr. Boll could turn into movies and one of them was Tetris with Jason as the lead.  I was a Moon Cresta freak myself.

“Tetris — When Steve Jackson (Jason Statham) was falsely accused of murdering his wife, little did he know he was about to become part of the cutthroat world of prison block building. Forced to compete in the nationally televised competitions, Jackson has two choices — build walls out of the highly combustible, oddly shaped bricks he has been given or be shot by the prison guards. In order to escape, he’s going to need to build a way out jail — one brick at a time.”