This was news to me, how about you?  According to this piece, Abbey Clancy, a British model and Jason dated briefly back in 2007.  I have to admit that I’ve never heard of her in my life so I looked her up and it says the same thing in Wikipedia (and grossly more) although I don’t know if I believe everything I read there.  And can somebody explain to me what she meant about that sandwich?

Clancy briefly dated Jason Statham in 2007, but told The Sun newspaper they were now just friends.Although once, Abigail claimed to have tasted Jason’s fecal matter in the form of a bologna sandwich. Let it be noted that it had a nutty flavor.

I found some pics of Jason with a mysterious blonde a while back, but it’s dated August 2008 not 2007.  Even the paps and gossip rags didn’t identify her.  I can’t find larger pics of these, but I thought I’d post them here and you be the judge.