458b3DailyMail.co.uk has an indepth interview with Mickey Rourke and he says Jason has become a good friend.  It always seems like Jason makes new friends with every movie he makes.  He must be such an easy-going, fun loving guy.  Jason’s always struck me as someone who would be a loyal, caring, respectful and supportive kind of friend.

A lot of those who let you down are those who seemed the closest to you.

They’re the ones running out of your house with the silver when it all goes wrong, and when they jump ship that hurts. There are some people who stuck with me: Sly Stallone has always been a good friend to me. Stevie Jones (of the Sex Pistols) – he’s a good man. Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Joe Strummer – God rest his soul – from the Clash: they were my guys. And we had a great time. I just did a few days with Jason Statham on Sly’s new film and he’s become a good friend.