Most of you chose Sweetheart for your Jason petname.  The Other answer option seemed to be the next choice.  As far as I could tell, the majority of you either commented or emailed me that you would call him Babe.  I call Mr. Jayfan by numerous petnames…Sweetie Pie, Baby Doll, Honey Bunny, Sweet Pea…but I don’t think I’ve ever called him Babe.  Strange huh?  I think it’s because I associate Babe with that little pig in the movie which I love.  In fact, the Mister and I always use that phrase from the movie as a joke.  You know…”That’ll do pig!”

Anyway, I digress…this week’s poll is a Scenario asking you what sexy costume would you wear to a Halloween party you know Jason is attending.  Since my Other answer tab doesn’t work well, if you have another answer besides the choices given, you can comment here or email me and tell us.