126a‘The Italian Job’ director, F. Gary Gray was asked by SuburbanChicagoNews.com about a sequel and this was his answer.

Everyone involved just wants to make sure that the sequel is better than the original. So now the challenge is to try and come up with something that will top it and make sure people walk away having just as much fun as they did with the first one. But it would be great to get everyone together. All of the actors [Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Seth Green, Jason Statham, Mos Def, Donald Sutherland] have branched out and have become leads now. What a cast.

I almost forgot that Donald Sutherland was in that movie with Jason.  Now they’re supposedly teaming up again in ‘The Mechanic’!  I only hope they get the Italian Job sequel off and running before anybody bites the dust or something.  Doh!

821270hDigitalSpy.com talked briefly to 50 Cent about his acting career and he named Jason as one of the heavyweight talents that he’s been able to work with.  But what’s ponderous about this article is that 50 called the movie Twelve and not 13?  That’s news to me.  IMDB.com still lists the movie under 13.525b

And finally, Collider.com has an Expendables update, complete with stills from the movie and excerpts from posts and tweets by Sheryl Main, the unit publicist of the film.  Nothing more about Jason…just about the shooting yesterday with the Holy Trinity–Sly, Arnold and Bruce.