EmpireOnLine.com has confirmed that Jason is definitely going to start filming ‘The Mechanic’ in New Orleans and Shreveport “in the next few weeks”!  They say that Donald Sutherland will co-star in the film, but various sources have mixed up the Sutherlands in their report.  JoBlo says Kiefer and Variety says Donald and added a pic of Kiefer.  Kind of makes you wonder about the reliability of some of these reports.  In any case, we know that Jason is on board with this project and that’s all we really care about, right?

In other news, TelevisionWithoutPity.com has a piece comparing Gerard Butler to Jason and how the former could never measure up to the latter.  I happen to like Gerard, but I couldn’t pass up posting the link since it’s about our guy too.  I’m not really against actors going in different directions as far as the roles they take.  For instance, one of my other fav actors, Adrien Brody, has just signed up to be the badass lead in the new Predators film.  Everyone is blasting the casting, but I think it’s a good move for him.  James McAvoy who I also adore, played an assassin in Wanted.  Sometimes going against the grain can work out just fine.