According to MovieViral.com’s writer Dan Koelsch, Jason’s movie ‘Cellular’ should have been a blockbuster.  He thinks Jason wasn’t a big enough name back in 2004 to bring the film up to that status.  When I first saw the movie, I have to admit that we bought it after I’d already become a Jason fan so I was kind of biased as to how I would feel about him being in it.  I thought he was one of the best bad guys I had seen in a while on film.  Not to mention that he was his hot usual self.  I mean, it’s pretty weird to get excited about watching him manhandle Kim Basinger and wishing I was her.  Ha!  As far as blockbusters go, I think a lot of Jason’s older movies could have made it that far.  It’s just a shame they weren’t given the chance.