10_01_4Sorry kids, but I wanted to wait until Susie and Gigi received their Planet Hollywood Magazines in the mail before I unveiled the scans I did of the Jason pages.  I wanted them to have the fun experience of seeing it for themselves the first time before I uploaded it to the Statham Fan Gallery for the rest of you.  The lucky fangirls have received their copies in the mail so I can upload! The pages are bigger than my scanner could handle so you aren’t getting the full effect, but you get the idea.  It was a beautiful layout and I truly wish all of you had the chance to see it in person.  Maybe someday we could hold a Jason Statham fan convention and share all of our Jason stuff!  Ha!  I’d have to bring extra luggage to bring all my memorabilia unless we have it in my city.

By the way, Reuben emailed me a photo of the poster for the original ‘The Mechanic’ with Charles Bronson.  Obviously the Jason version is an homage to the first one.  Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.