talked to F. Gary Grey, director of ‘The Italian Job’, about its sequel, ‘The Brazilian Job’ and why it’s not anywhere near ready to shoot.  We’ve held our breathe this long…I guess I can wait a little more.  It will be worth the wait though.

In other news, according to, Madonna has won a legal battle against The Mail who published some of her and Guy’s wedding photos without her consent since they were never released to the press.  The newspaper chose to publish them days after they announced their plans to divorce.  Jason is in a couple of those wedding shots.  Now, at the risk of being sued by Madonna herself, I actually have those pics in my Statham Fan Gallery and will post them here.  They’ve been in the gallery for a long while now under my Magazines and Articles section and nobody has said anything yet.   I’m just small potatoes so I think I’m safe.  Here they are as thumbnails…just click on them twice to get a larger view.