525bThanks to Tammy for some sequel news on ‘The Expendables’ (believe it or not) and ‘Crank 3’!  Sly’s movie hasn’t even come out yet and they’re already talking about two more sequels.  That’s great for Jason.  And we kind of already knew that there would be a third installment to the Crank movies.  Don’t want to give out any spoilers, but the end of Crank 2 seemed to be going in that direction.

Due to the high level of anticipation of the online community and overwhelming positive reaction to early test footage (from ‘The Expendables), producer Avi Lerner has reported that there is already talk of making two more sequels, and a longer franchise, depending on just who makes it to the end of the first film intact.
In an interview, when asked about a third Crank film, actress Amy Smart said “It’s been talked about,” but no actual statement from the writers has been made.[Also in an interview with Amy Smart after the release of Crank: High Voltage, she mentioned that Crank 3 might be made in 3D but, if so, wouldn’t be released until 2011.