had a poll last week on who should be cast as Judge Dredd in a remake of the movie.  Jason was voted as the favorite to play the title role that Sylvester Stallone held in the original.  You’ll have to scroll half way down the JoBlo page to find the results of that poll with pics.


A week ago we took a look at who should get the title role in the Danny Boyle/Alex Garland reboot of JUDGE DREDD. There was a wide range of picks, with a clear winner, but a three-way tie beneath him.

1. Jason Statham (16%) 2. (tie) Ray Stevenson (10%) Ron Perlman (10%) Gerard Butler (10%)

The favorite here was Statham, and it was mostly due to his “epic jawline.” But the man knows action and I do believe he’d be a great pick for the role. I could go for Stevenson and Butler as well, but Perlman? I know you guys love him, but I think he’s too old for this, despite how badass his chin is.