Mirror.co.uk is reporting that Jason tried to keep his distance from his ex, Kelly Brook at the GQ Awards show.  I wonder if that was really true.  I’m thinking that it probably wasn’t malicious on Jason’s part because we’ve heard that the two have remained friends and read that she visits or calls him once in a while.  According to the article, it was a conscious effort to keep Alex and Kelly from meeting.  Now…that I believe.  My guess is that Alex was actually the one who requested not to come face-to-face with Kelly thus avoiding any kind of ugly pap opportunity.  By the hoopla about how gorgeous Kelly looked that night…I don’t blame Alex for being a little bit threatened. 

551Also, I’d like to thank StathamFan and Emilia for various Jason pics they link to comments.  StathamFan found some pics from yesterday of Jason leaving the Automat Restaurant in Mayfair, London.  (By the way, Emilia, the Statham Fan Gallery is actually my own photo gallery so you don’t have to link any pics from that.  I already have it linked on my sidebar.)