travel catI’ll be out of town for a week and won’t have any internet access during that time.  No…I’m not going to Amish country…just to the parents, which is about the same thing.  Ha!  They refuse to jump into the 90’s and use computers.  Hell, I just got them to use a cellphone and forego the home landline.  Of course, I can’t get them to quit hitting the volume down and learn how to turn it up.  Oleredhead could teach them a thing or two.  Anyway…Mr. Jayfan has graciously agreed to check in on the site and keep it somewhat going and monitored.  I plan to post drafts daily, but will not be able to update when there is new Jason stuff so you guys can keep posting links like you do and help keep everybody informed.  Wish me luck since I’m not a very good flyer and doubly hate connecting flights, much less traveling alone.