happy_kittyAccording to this Jacksonville, Florida site, ‘The Mechanic’ will start filming in Detroit around mid-October.  I don’t know how they’re getting their information since a few posts back, I found reports that they were going to be in New Orleans (and before that–Shreveport).  Maybe the production will be in both or various other places?  Funny thing is that Detroit is actually a more accessible place for Mr. Jayfan and I to visit so this news is very exciting for me.  Wish we knew where the exact shooting venues would be.  I had resigned myself to probably never meeting Jason in person being nowhere near where he usually is, but this has made an encounter possible for us now!  I’m a happy cat!

Also, various sites such as FirstShowing.com are reporting that Paul W.S. Anderson is planning a prequel to ‘Death Race’.  Of course, Jason will probably not be in it since his character wasn’t the original Frankenstein.  Why even bother then?  We won’t go to see it without Jason.