talked with Eric Roberts who said Arnold was not going to be in ‘The Expendables’ and that Sheryl Main was telling lies.  WTF???  The whole article online slammed Sheryl and her blog and speculated that she’s a fake and her postings were lies.  Of course, we know better since she really did meet one of Jason’s fangirls, Diana, and got her onto the set where she met Jason in person.  I doubt that someone who is–as Ben Barna the writer said–way down on the lower rungs of the Ladder of Importance would be able to do what she did for Diana and be so close to all the action of filming.  I made a comment under this article trying to set ole Ben straight.  And if Arnold has pulled out of doing his cameo, that’s not Sheryl’s fault.  Filming is done and the whole purpose of her posting for us was to let us know what was going on during that time.

Update:  Yea to Sheryl!  She has a rebuttal post to the rant.  Good for her!  I for one enjoyed her blog and appreciated all her fabulous work keeping us informed.