533Looks like Jason has landed back home in London!  Thanks to Marie for the heads up!!  She’s given us a link to pics from INeedMyFix.com and Celebmad.com of Jason out and about with one of his best friends, Guy Ritchie and Sting’s wife, Trudie!  I found all these Rex Feature pics.  I guess Jason is in “town” to start his filming of  ‘Blitz’ early which actually starts on August 10th.  By the way, I just happen to know who Trudie is because Mr. Jayfan and I were on a post that mentioned her and Sting’s wedding date and ours…don’t ask me how.  But they were married on August 20th and we were married on August 22nd.  I have the wedding announcement with their and our wedding newspaper clipping framed forever in our hallway.

Update:  Here’s a Daily Express article that tells us that Trudie and Sting’s daugher Coco had her 19th birthday party at Guy’s Punchbowl pub in London’s Mayfair.  Funny how the piece called Jason and Guy her bodyguards.