says that Jason is featured on the cover of the current Vegas Planet Hollywood in-room magazine.  If anyone is staying there, please steal a copy and scan it for us fangirls!  Wonder what photos of him are in it?  Here’s some of the things he said in the feature.  What I thought was interesting is that it says his father celebrated his own birthday.  The senior Statham has a birthday in July!  Hmmmm…

Jason says he takes his martial arts skills very seriously, learning boxing from his father and going on to kickboxing and jujitsu, which he works out on daily. Jason says filming with Sly is a childhood dream come true, having watched all the Rocky films as a kid growing up in England.

Spotted at UFC 100 last weekend, Jason said: “I’ve become a big fan, but the thought of me stepping into the Octagon with somebody like Chuck Liddell actually frightens me because those guys are lethal.”

On a weeklong visit to Planet Hollywood, where his father came to celebrate his own birthday, Jason revealed that the worst experience he’s had in his film career was in Crank, when he had to dangle from a helicopter 30,000 feet above L.A. with only two safety lines so the camera could prove it was real!