Another Jason fansite is planning to close down unless someone can take it over.  Jason Statham Online was revived a while back after a few people came onboard to help Catherine out.  Now she regrets that she doesn’t have the help or the time to continue.  We’ve seen this happen before to other Jason fansites…one of which prompted me back in 2007 to start this blog.  The webmaster/mistress of that one just disappeared without a word.  I don’t know what happened to that person and it’s still a constant worry to me.  The site is no longer up on the internet.  JSO is an actual Jason Statham fansite unlike this site which is a personal blog.  Catherine approached me a while back, but I enjoy the freedom and blogging too much to let this go and turned her down.  If you would like to help her out, contact her at her fansite.  When it comes to Jason, you can never have enough sites that honor him.