Well, this is what happens when you stay logged onto your blogsite and let your hubby play on the computer while you prepare dinner (which was a roast turkey breast and fixins–just like Thanksgiving in July! Yum!).  I think initially, what got him to do his post was because I mentioned that I was saddened by someone commenting that they didn’t find my blog fun anymore, but it wasn’t my fault.  Mr. Jayfan (isn’t it cute that he used that name?) is entitled to his opinion as well as anyone and I try to honor all opinions…as you know.  My husband is a very positive, happy kind of guy who believes that our sole purpose in life should be love.  Honestly!  He’s sweet and considerate and his philosophy about life is that the energy you put out into the universe comes back to you…kind of the “what goes around comes around” philosophy.  I think Willarayne hit it on the nail when she said that it was just a plea for everyone to be civil to one another and nobody really did anything wrong.  Remember that having fun is the main reason I have this hobby.  Maybe it was all that talk about Alex or something.  I don’t know.

For the record, over time I’ve become quite indifferent to Alex and whether or not she and Jason are truly in love.  Their relationship doesn’t affect how I feel about Jason Statham.  It doesn’t make me like him any more or less.  I’ll still enjoy looking at him and watching his movies and will probably continue to do so.  He’s just one of the actors I like and chosen to be featured on my personal blog.  It really could have been anybody else. 

Having said that…Jason was spotted out and about yesterday and Socialite Life gave us the pics!  And look!, he’s not wearing the same shirt in this one…but I liked that other one a lot.  Not loving the stripes as much although he still looks hot!


And thank you to StathamFan for this NewsChatter.com link to a cute little piece about how Jason says his mum is tougher than he is.