blitz_usWord is getting around about Jason’s part in ‘Blitz’.  Here’s something from who mentions that they can’t remember anytime Jason’s played a character who was blatantly offensive and that he’ll get a chance in this film.  I know he’s played bad guys in the past (‘Cellular’, ‘War’ and ‘Chaos’–sorry for the spoiler if you haven’t seen these), but he wasn’t really offensive or anything…just mean in one and revealed as a bad guy at the end of the other two.  I’m actually torn about whether or not I’d like to see Jason being offensive.  I haven’t read any of Ken Bruen’s novels so I don’t know the character of Brant.  Apparently, Brant is in several of Bruen’s books so Jason may end up playing him again if this film is a success.  I wonder if this could be Jason’s big chance at an award-winning role?  Wouldn’t that be awesome?